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O’Toole Auto Glass is now certified to calibrate all vehicles requiring ADAS (Advanced Drivers Assist Systems).

  • (LDWS) Lane Departure Warning
  • (FCA) Forward Collision Alert
  • (ACC) Adaptive Cruise Control
  • (CMB) Collision Mitigating Braking
  • (LKA) Lane Keep Assist
  • (BSM) Blind Spot Monitoring
  • (PD) Pedestrian Detection
  • (AHL) Adaptive Headlighting
  • (TSR) Traffic Sign Recognition
  • (DSM) Driver Status Monitoring

These systems are designed to prevent collisions by displaying alerts, providing camera images or by taking complete control of a vehicle. Cameras have specials areas on the windshield that the lens “sees” through. After replacement there is no way to get the camera positioned exactly how it was; therefore, calibration is necessary to get your vehicle back to OEM specifications.